Inilah Daftar Hotel dan Tour Yang Memberikan Harga Diskon Spesial untuk Akhir Tahun 2017

River Sakti Resort, Ubud
River sakti Resort is a charming resort stand on the sloop of River Sakti. Located only 5 minutes drive to Ubud Center, River sakti Resort offer very convenience luxury stay at 6 bedroom pool villa, very suitable for small group up to 18 people, family, reunion, corporate meeting, private wedding, private party, hospitality dinner, reception, rehearsal, yoga, and retreat. You may also book a Suite room and comfortably share with other guest. | |

Puri Pandawa Resort with Beach Club, Kutuh - Pandawa Beach
Perch on the sloop of Bukit Peninsula, only 2 minutes drive to Pandawa Beach CLub; Puri Pandawa resort offer 4 Deluxe, 4 Suite, and 4 Garden Villa. It is your good choice to stay here for comfort of sleep. The well-known Pandawa Beach offers white sandy-long beach club, beautiful sunrise and sunset, wide swimming area, surfing point, year long sunbath, paragliding, canoeing, beach trekking, local culinary, and many more! Dont miss it! Puri Pandawa Resort also offer very special local culidary. | |

Atta kaMaya Resort and Villa, Sanur
Formerly known as Waka Maya Resort, then its name changed to kaMaya Resort Sanur, and effective on the 1st August 2017, the name finally changed into Atta Kamaya Resort and Villa. Its thematic oldish style offer luxury of higher experience. The Atta kaMaya Resort and Villa located strategically at Sanur, only 5 minutes walk to the beach.||

Atta Mesari Resort and Villa, Ubud
It is no doubt to book Atta Mesari Resort and Villa with its outstanding boutique standard. The rooms facing to the rice paddy terraces. The place is good for honeymoon, wedding, yoga and retreat, corporate outbound, luncheon, dinner party at Blue Duck Restaurant. Located only 5 minutes to Ubud Center, the hotel offers free return scheduled shuttle services. Room type: 18 Suite, 4 One bedroom Pool Villa, and 2 Two Bedroom Pool Villa | | 

Puri Suksma Ubud
18 Deluxe rooms offers bed and breakfast services. Located strategically only 5 minutes drive Ubud Center make this charming hotel become a right choice. Surrounded by rice field, Puri Suksma offer comfortable resort for every one who need bed and breakfast service, backpacker, elderly, even youngster. It is budget friendly accommodation. | |

The Poh Jimbaran
This is modern living place, very convenience and equipped with luxury amenities. There are three bedroom villa and two bedroom villa that convenience for family, friend, small group, private party. | |

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